Jumat, 01 November 2013

So, whats the probs?

Photo by Romeo Ranoco/Reuters.
Protest is embodiment part of democracy. But the ways we are channeling our voices must have a productive ways rather complaining with livid turmoil veins and blockage the vital streets where people do has their own rights in equal living. 

Several days before I've had watched a same typical contest broadcasted live in national television. But differently with this controversial beauty pageant they had a versus forms as usual contests that had hosted outside an to-be-claimed-majority-monotheist based country. 

In my personal opinions, this is a productive ways to shows up any disagreements with particular contests that ever exists. In subsequently anyone can modify the beauty contest that suits their cultures and their own society beliefs verses. Implicitly it shows a pride of sovereignity as well as an cultural acts must be fought with egalitarian battles.  

Shutting downs regular contests that against group or sectarians beliefs amongst society will brings farther the society sinks into collateral damage of democracy itself. Indonesia's will be backwards to the previous decades when ruled by despots whose forcibly imposing their political will.