Jumat, 01 November 2013

Napalm Girl

Napalm Girl by Nick Ut/AP
There's huge gap between whats Burnett's had shot with the iconic Ut's Kim Phuc when she hurriedly hustled to towards him in Trang Bang, during Vietnam war. The captured image subsequently transcend politics and history and become emblematic of the horrors of war visited on the innocent.

Phuc now established a foundation dedicated for trauma of war while Ut and Burnett still active-living-legend in the world of photojournalism nowadays. The Napalm Girl stories of thus tells us of how precious and decisive the flashing-times were, both in film cameras nor digital age. Burnett articles below has vividly compares what the gap means. 

Napalm attact at Trang Bang David Burnett/Contact Press Images
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