Sabtu, 02 November 2013

Merrier grin after hellshow a-side Metallica's IndoTour

Seringai live at Hammersonic 
Hosted a grand metal show like this one is kinda frustating yet exciting more than regular base event despite attended with 40.000 blackening-tees-metalheads. If Arian had a large ammount of puking to be their opening act then I must be have a large peeing and ask a special toilets right behind the backstage on a riders. Back in 1992-3 I had familiar memories with Independent day stages or TVRI's Album Minggu Kita's program and it's obvious if my parents won't allowed 5th grade elementary school to go to hell-large-masses metal show! And now 2013? Damn! I had missed two of the mighty Metallica's Indonesia event. Now I should expected miracles if they will hit strike at a final-last-show once again counted twenty years from now. It means a 70's grandpa's Metallica. Hiks!