Kamis, 19 September 2013

Towards civilized age

The world knows if interfering with gassing and bombings aren't the solutions in the midst conflict area as such in Syria todays. I'm on the line with things that Iara Lee: Activist & Filmmaker & Cultures of Resistance suggests, "In the end, accidental diplomacy is better than no diplomacy at all. So we must continue to put pressure on our elected officials to move in this direction and to use negotiations over chemical weapons as an opportunity to bring all the major stakeholders into further diplomacy that could end the civil war in Syria." Everyone needs peaceful world as well as Syrian todays rightly deserve. End the VIOLENCE! 

For those whose has keen interest to hosting films screening and discussion of "The Suffering Grasses" work of Iara Lee & Cultures of Resistance, kindly send your emails through bandung[at] openshow.org , or text us at +628122480773 & +628112260301. Regards.